Fine Art Prints

High quality ‘Giclée’ printing used internationally by many museums and art galleries. Fine art prints have a painterly feel with a matt appearance, deep blacks, bright whites and give One for Sorrow images bright pastel-like tones. Printed on 310 gsm, 100% a-Cellulose, textured white, mould-made Hahnemühle German Etching archival grade paper. Delivery: within 5 working Days 



Canvas Full Wrap

Award-winning Canvas Gallery Wrap renders a professional quality photograph on Fuji DPII silver halide paper with a canvas effect seal to the surface. Your One for Sorrow print is wrapped over a rigid 2" block to produce a three-dimensional finish with the option of fully wrapping your image. Delivery: within 7 working days.


Boxed Frames

Simple box frame for an ‘off the wall’ look that keeps all of your favourite One for Sorrow image tucked neatly into the frame moulding. Select from five natural frame mouldings: Dark Brown, Black Wash, White Wash, Bare Ash Wood and Pine.

Delivery: within 7 working days.


Coloured Edge Blocks 

Flush-mounted professional quality photographic print on an 18mm thick block with an anti-scratch print seal applied. Edges are coloured using state-of-the-art equipment. Complete with an easy-to-use split batten hanging kit to make the block stand out from the wall.

·       Black Edge: Black edged 18mm deep MDF block

·       White Edge: White edged 18mm deep MDF block

·       Silver Edge: Silver edged 18mm deep MDF block

·       Mahogany Edge: Mahogany edged 18mm deep MDF block

·       Gold Edge: Gold edged 18mm deep MDF block

Delivery: within 7 Working Days 


Special Order Limited Edition Art Work

Want something totally unique? One for Sorrow photographs can be printed directly onto Birch wood by special request.

Select any 'One for Sorrow' shot and have it printed directly onto sustainably-farmed Birch ply wood. The image is fuse-printed to accentuate the natural grain of the wood. Durable, wipe-clean, heat and water resistant, the image is bonded to the natural grain of the wood and retains all its vibrancy and focus.

Not available online. To commission, simply place an order by email – don’t dilly-dally as only 100 will ever be produced.

40”x 20” Landscape     £640 each or £1,200 for a set of 2

36” x 36” Square         £590 or £1,050 for a set of 2