Manchester born and bred child of the 70s. That’s me. Survived school, Madchester and a linear career in senior management. All that while, my burning desire to be a photographer or painter was being suppressed. I moved into converted stables in the Peak District, fell in love with and married an artist. Got four dogs. Popped out two boys. Then had an epiphany. It hit me. Why be a corporate whore conforming to the 9 to 5? It’s time I was me.

Liberation followed realisation. Inspired by my freelance friends and supported by my kick ass husband, on a sweaty run in the Peaks with my now creative partner Meg, we set up Two For Joy Photography Ltd. We’re globetrotting wedding photographers capturing the happiest day of people’s lives from Vegas to the Welsh Valleys. We’ve shot Olympians, Premier League footballers, babies, bashes, pooches, families and events, too. That’s Two For Joy.

One For Sorrow Art is my darker side. It’s the antithesis of Two For Joy. It’s not about capturing smiles and gaining anyone’s approval except mine. I freely admit it’s selfish, but art should be an expression of what’s inside you. Bold colours contrasting with deep, dark shapes. Iconic, dramatic and brooding. Could my work be influenced by living in the shadow of Manchester’s dark satanic mills? You tell me.



Nix will do anything for the shot!